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Quaaludes (methaqualone)

What are the Quaaludes?:

Quaaludes are a brand name of an old drug. Methaqualone is the generic name of this drug.

for instance, The common brand names of Methaqualone are spoor and Quaalude. It is a hypnotic and sedative medication. It is sold under the Quaalude brand name and contains 300 mg of Methaqualone. This drug has become a member of the quinazolinone class. The popularity of Quaaludes is increasing as a club drug and recreational drug. The notable thing about Methaqualone is sedative-hypnotic activity. Methaqualone is the first drug for sleep aid.

History of Quaaludes:

as a result, from 1961 to 1984, Methaqualone was a legal drug. In 1970, the medical industry prescribed Methaqualone as the sleeping aid. The Quaalude high was gentle and relaxing. It was available to everyone. It was the combination of taking Quaaludes and alcohol. When this drug was legal in every country, there was an increasing rate of addiction and abuse. People used this drug to fight malaria. The name of this drug “Quaalude,” combined with the words “Quiet Interlude.” The Methaqualone was the sixth-best selling sedative under the Quaalude brand name. The brand names vary from place to place. The sales of Methaqualone happen in the USA under the Quaalude Brand name.

How do they work?

in addition to, Methaqualone is a sedative. It raises the action of the GABA receptor in the nervous system and the brain. When the activity of GABA increases, breathing and pulse rates slow, and blood pressure slow. This activity leads to deep relaxation. At the time of pregnancy, the doctors do not prescribe Methaqualone or Quaalude. The reason for prescribing this drug is that the properties of Methaqualone work for insomnia.

The appearance of Quaaludes:

Generally, people notice the appearance of Quaaludes in 1960 and 1970. At this time, Quaaludes became the most popular for recreational use in disco. For this reason, people know it as “disco biscuit.” The doctors suggest this drug for respiration, reduced heart rate, and drowsiness. For the frequent suggestion of the doctors in 1960 and 1970, people found the first appearance of Quaaludes. Doctors in the United States of America prescribed Methaqualone under the brand of Quaalude.


in fact, At the time of being a legal medication, Methaqualone became available in capsule and tablet form.

furthermore, the commonly prescribed dose was 300 mg. From 300 mg to 600, this range was the standard dose for Quaaludes. The doctors prescribed up to 600 mg for strong sedation. For light sedation, the Oral methaqualone dosages were from 75 to 150.

Side Effects of Quaaludes:

moreover,  the are many side effects of the Quaalude. The side effects are respiration (slowed breathing), reduced heart rate, seizures, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, abdominal cramps, itching, rashes, sweating, dry mouth, tingling sensation in arms and legs.

Buy Quaaludes Online:

To buy Quaaludes online is an easy task. Without prescription to buy Quaaludes online becomes an everyday thing. Many online leading suppliers allow the customer to buy Quaaludes online on the easy term. The customer can buy Quaaludes online from the US-based online Dispensary easily. Generally, the customer acknowledges Quaaludes online, including pain killers, Lemmon 714, Methaqualone 300mg. It is easy for the customer to buy Quaaludes online from a trusted website. The excellent opportunity to buy Quaaludes online is the chance of buying without a prescription.

Where to buy Quaaludes:

equally important,  Many customers can wonder about buying Quaalude. But Quaalude is available online. By ordering through a trusted website, the clients can receive Quaaludes quickly.

in the second place, Where can I buy Quaaludes: This is the common question where I can buy quaaludes. The solution to this question is to visit the Quaaludes-related websites. The customer confirms the order of Quaalude by providing your address. Then you will quickly get Quaaludes.

What about Quaalude drinks:

South African Quaalude:

as well as, South African Quaalude is a substance. The street-level substance starts in pill form. People can taste it through smoking. The natives insert the crushed pill in a white pipe. They plug the white pipe with a cotton filter. This smoking method is very potent and addictive. People call it South African Quaalude.

Russian Quaalude:

not only-but also, The Russian Quaalude is a type of Quaalude drink. Despite having the name Russian, The Russian Quaalude is not Russian. Russian Quaalude is a popular drink. The ingredients of this Quaalude drink are hazelnut, Irish cream, a liqueur with the classic mix of vodka. and coffee liqueur


Methaqualone is one of the most common drugs in the USA, UK, and South Africa. The manufacture often occurs in India. The customer can get Methaqualone in drink form, tablet form as well smoking materials. The customer can buy online Quaalude or Methaqualone under the Quaalude brand name.

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